Software Engineering 9th edition

Well, the 9th edition of my software engineering book has gone to the printer and will be available in bookstores in April. I’m done with proof reading and am now working on the book web site and supplementary material. Like everyone else, I’m not great at keeping web sites up to date so I thought I’d create this blog to record thoughts on my work-related reading (some of which is relevant to the book), software and systems engineering topics  and other engineering related stuff.



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4 responses to “Software Engineering 9th edition

  1. Bogdan Golab

    I have 6th and 8th edition.
    Is this 9th edition really different than the 8th one? I just would like to know if 9th edition brings real value to 8th owners.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Big differences both in structure and in content. Best way to see these is to look at:

      Depends how you use the book as there is obviously significant reuse of the material in the 8th edition

      • Bogdan Golab

        Thank you very much for the comment.

        I am actively involved in software & system development in very big software company (CMMI level 5). I read the book from time to time and always discover something interesting, probably because I am more and more experienced, and I can understand more and more.

        I have to admit that the book is the only one which I appreciate the most. Probably because the book is not a pure academic work – it’s based on “real” software developer life, especially in process orientef company.

        Best regards,

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