Toyota braking problem

It’s fairly clear that the Toyota Prius braking system problems are software related and to do with the interaction between the ABS and the regenerative system that recovers energy from braking. Whether this was a software fault or a specification fault isn’t clear but it reveals that when we add complexity to a system, we are likely to run into problems. Toyota are being rightly criticised for this (and, for sure, they have handled the problem badly) but they are being innovative and an inevitable part of the price of innovation is that problems will occur.

We need to remember this if and when we are tempted to be judgemental about software faults.



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2 responses to “Toyota braking problem

  1. The industry has to be very careful when their innovative systems is related to human life! The systems should be separated in components grouped by critical levels. So, the testing concerning interactions between the critical components and the rest components will be more extensive. The innovation is important, but safety is priceless. So, in Toyota they have to get SE seriously…

  2. You are right of course. But I would be surprised if they don’t take it seriously. I think that they are simply overwhelmed by the complexity of trying to integrate ABS and regenerative braking. They don’t really understand the problem properly. Maybe, they are just being too ambitious.

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