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The Rise and Fall of the Chaos Report Figures

J.L. Eveleens and C. Verhoef, IEEE Software, 27 (1), Jan-Feb 2010

This is an article that analyses the frequently cited Standish reports that state how many SE projects have failed and generally present software engineering to be in a bad state. The paper shows that Standish’s method is completely unreliable and the Standish figures simply have no credence at all. I’ve always maintained we’re not that bad at software engineering.

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Choosing an Open Source License

A. Engelfreit, IEEE Software, 27 (1), Jan-Feb 2010

A good discussion of the issues in open source licensing. It provides practical advice on the factors to be considered when using and developing open source software.

DOI: http://doi.ieeecomputersociety.org/10.1109/MS.2010.5

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The history of version control

N.B. Ruparelia, SEN, 35 (1), January 2010

A brief history of software version control from the 1970s to the present day. The article presents a general overview of version control than briefly summarizes a number of different version control systems. Most of the focus is on open source systems and the author doesn’t mention broad CM tools, such as Clearcase. I don’t think he gives enough credit to SCCS as the pioneering system in this area. In general, this is a good starting point for further reading (and googling) on version control.


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Software Engineering 9th edition

Well, the 9th edition of my software engineering book has gone to the printer and will be available in bookstores in April. I’m done with proof reading and am now working on the book web site and supplementary material. Like everyone else, I’m not great at keeping web sites up to date so I thought I’d create this blog to record thoughts on my work-related reading (some of which is relevant to the book), software and systems engineering topics  and other engineering related stuff.


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